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actively and positively contribute to accelerating urban transformation toward active, sustainable and inclusive bicycle cities

Urbanisme cyclable ; Mobilité cyclable ; Mobilité à vélo ; Mobilité durable ; Ville cyclable ; Ville durable ; Ville inclusive ; Aménagement inclusif ; design participatif ; design collaboratif ; Co-conception ; Bureau d’étude ; Conseil aux collectivités territoriales ; Conseil en urbanisme et politique cyclables ; Conseil en urbanisme cyclable ; Conseil en politique cyclable ; Assistance à maitrise d’ouvrage ; AMO ; Assistance à maitrise d’usages ; AMU ;  Aménagement cyclable ; Aménagement urbain ; Piste cyclable ; Infrastructure cyclable ; Plan vélo ; Schéma cyclable ; Stratégie cyclable ; Stratégie urbaine ; Planification urbaine ; transformation cyclable ; Cyclable By Design ; Bicycle urbanism by design


We reject the status quo.

We design cities for people, with people.

We tackle global challenges with renewed answers and bold way of thinking.


Because we strongly believe that solutions have to be sought in finding creative ways to do things differently, we envision a holistic, cross-disciplinary and innovative approach by creating new bridges between urban disciplines, by bringing design at the centre of the conversation and by empowering people to reclaim ownership of their cities. 



We deliver a range of urban strategy and design services grounded in data and knowledge of people’s behaviour.

Our team intervenes at all scales, advising clients about strategies, citizens engagement and inclusive design on all levels, from the idea phase on to implementation. We facilitate learning processes by sharing our knowledge, expertise and passion through workshops, lectures and study tours for urban professionals from a variety of backgrounds.


Data gathering and analysis
Behavioral analysis
Bicycle-friendliness diagnosis and recommendations
People-centered design
Study tours

Urban Strategy

Bicycle masterplan

Bicycle network planning

Bicycle parking strategy

Tactical/Temporary intervention



Branding and visual identity
Bicycle policy communication strategy

Network wayfinding


Urban Design

Bicycle infrastructure design

Participatory design

Design guidelines for bicycle-friendly streets




Our clients want to lead the next urban revolution. 

They want to make a positive impact on the streetscape.

They want to design sustainable and inclusive bicycle cities.

Our clients are diverse - cities, government agencies, property developers, architects, NGOs, ... - and all share a strong will to develop and implement visionary projects where the bicycle is a key tool for transport, design, planning and social development. 

If you have a grand vision for cities and you are not afraid to be ahead of the curve, reach us!

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